Frequently Asked Questions

I have just had Nuteak fitted to my cockpit. What products should I use to keep it clean and well maintained?

Nuteak is a maintenance free decking product. Marks can be cleaned off using hot soapy water or by Pressure washer. Gouges or scratches can be removed by light sanding with 40 grit sandpaper.

What is Nuteak made of, is there any wood in its construction?

There is no wood content in the Flexible material. It is made of High Grade P.V.C and contains quality pigments and U.V. stabilizers, ensuring it keeps its appearance for decades. However its sister product the Professional does contain a high percentage of hardwood.

I have a Fairline 32 and want several areas replaced with Nuteak. What is the most cost effective way of doing this as I am working on a budget?

The cheapest way to do this is to purchase the material and install it yourself. The second option is to send us templates of the areas you want and we will make a pre-made kit at our factory together with the adhesives for you to make the final installation, and then have them delivered to you anywhere in the world.